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Ignition Tables
The ignition tables are the primary means of tuning ignition timing across the load and RPM range when the throttle is open. See Throttle Closed Ignition Timing Table for tuning ignition timing when the throttle is closed.

Current Table
Use the Current Table drop down to display the ignition table to be tuned. When logging is active, the current table is selected and displayed automatically based on the current load source.

Ignition Table
Ignition table cells contain positive BTDC timing values in degrees. Both load and RPM scales can be edited.

Ignition Timing Operation
Ignition timing is set from one four sources, depending on operating mode:
  1. Cranking:
    While in
    Cranking Mode, ignition timing is set from the CRANKING IGNITION TIMING table based on ECT.
    If cranking RPM is below 100rpm, the timing is retarded by multiplying by RPM/100.

  2. Throttle Closed:
    If Throttle Closed Timing Table is enabled, the timing is set from the TPS CLOSED TIMING TABLE based on RPM, otherwise the timing is set from the current Ignition Table based on load source.
    ECT Idle Trim is applied.
    If Idle RPM Control Timing is enabled and active, the timing is adjusted to help maintain target idle RPM.
    If Overrun Fuel Cut is active, FUEL CUT RETARD is applied.

  3. Throttle Open:
    Timing is set from the current Ignition Table based on load source.
    ECT IGNITION TRIM is applied.
    IAT IGNITION TRIM is applied.
    ACCEL IGNITION TRIM is applied.
    If Nitrous Active is set, NITROUS IGNITION COMPENSATION is applied.
    If Flex Fuel is enabled, Flex Fuel Ignition Trim is applied.
    If Anti Lag is enabled and active, anti-lag IGNITION RETARD is applied.

  4. Set Timing/Idle Speed Mode:
    Timing is held at Set Idle/Timing Mode BASE IDLE IGNITION.

The final timing value is then limited by MAX IGN ADVANCE and IGN RETARD MAX.
Note that these limits are applied before any knock timing adjustment is applied.
Finally, Individual Cylinder Ignition Trims are applied.

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