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Logging Settings

Recording Triggers - The software will only record the current log values IF ALL of the current log values are greater or equal to the values entered here.

Packet timeout counter is for diagnostic purposes

Direct Wideband Settings

Direct wideband logging is the most accurate form of collecting data from a wideband controller but is not a permanent connection as it can only be logged when your laptop is in the car

Supported Direct Wideband Types

ADC Inputs

NismoTronic allows logging of any linear 0-5 volt sensor through any of the 4 available ADC inputs on the NEMU

See the ADC Setup Page for more details!
Misc Settings

Row/Col Highlights - Will highlight the index of the row/column that is currently selected on the main fuel and ignition tables

Log Playback Speed - This option changes the playback speed of the log when in log review mode.

Upload Tone - You can select your desired confirmation tone that is played after a succesful upload to the NEMU. This can be enabled/disabled by the checkbox

Graph Layout - Allows the graph to be displayed in either 2d or 3d mode. If the table is 2d it will display in 2d mode even if 3d is selected.

3d Graph Style - Selects either surface or wire frame mode for the 3d graph

Load Last TCD on Open - Automatically loads your last opened TCD from your previous session

Invert RPM Scale - Inverts the RPM scales on the main fuel and ignition tables

Auto Update Check - Checks for the most recent version of the software when the software boots up

Auto Connect Logger - Connects and starts logging when the NEMU is connected

Auto Save Recording - Automatically saves your recorded log when you hit the "Stop Record" button.

Auto VDR Export - Exports your CSV log to Virtual Dyno when you save a CSV log file

TCD NEMU Sync - Checks NEMU contents against your currently opened TCD and allows you to either upload your TCD to the NEMU or download from the NEMU to a TCD


File Settings

Tune Folder - Stores your current Folder to Open/Save your tune files

Log Folder - Stores your current Folder to Open/Save your log files

Virtual Dyno Path - Stores your current path to Virtual Dyno

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