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The Gauge screen can be accessed by going to Logging → Gauges or by simply pressing Ctrl+F.

Adding a Gauge to a layout

  • Right click → Add your desired Gauge type


  • Load Layout → Deletes current layout and loads a saved layout.
  • Save Layout → Saves your current layout as a NGL template file
  • Lock Layout → Locks the Gauges so they cannot be moved or resized

Selecting Log Item

  • Right click → Select Data Item you would like to display on the current Gauge


Define Gauge Layout

  • Right click → Define Gauges


  • Min value - The starting point for the gauge (lowest reading).
  • Max value - This is the highest value for the needle and bar gauges
  • Gauge Step - This is the step between major ticks on needle and bar gauges.
  • Background - Changes the color of the gauge background
  • Warn Color - Above the max value the gauge text will change to this color.
  • Hi-Contrst - Will change the default colors to a higher contrast for easier viewing
  • Indicatr Color - Changes the color of the indicator light

Gauge Resizing

  • Shift+UP arrow or Shift+RIGHT arrow will expand the gauge size.
  • Shift+DOWN arrow or Shift+LEFT arrow will shrink the gauge size.

Gauge Examples


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