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Log Item List

Item Description Unit
RPM Engine Speed RPM
MAP Load MAP sensor load mbar, kPa, inhg/psi
MAF Load MAF sensor load 0-255
AFR Air Fuel Ratio afr
ECT Engine Coolant TemperatureCelsius or Fahrenheit
IAT Intake Air TemperatureCelsius or Fahrenheit
TPS Throttle Position Sensor%
VSSVehicle Speed Sensorkph or mph
GearCurrent Transmission Gear-
BatteryBattery Voltagevolts
Final IGNFinal Ignition Timingdegrees BTDC
Target IdleIdle target requestedrpm
Idle Valve %Idle air control valve duty%
Boost DutyEBC duty cycle%
Final Boost DutyFinal EBC duty cycle%


Item Description Unit
Base MAF IPWBase injector pulsewidthmsec
Fuel Map ValueCurrent value from the fuel map-
ECT TrimFuel trim due to coolant temp tables%
IAT TrimFuel trim due to intake air temp tables%
Post Start TrimFuel trim due to post start tables%
Knock TrinFuel trim due to knock tables%
Boost TrimFuel trim due to boost comp table%
Nitrous TrimFuel trim due to nitrous output%
BARO TrimFuel trim due to baro table%
O2 TrimFuel trim due to O2 sensor feedback%
Total Fuel Factor - -
Total Injector Latencycurrent injector latency valuemsec
Injector PWcurrent injector pulse widthmsec
Injector Dutycurrent injector duty cycle%


Item Description Unit
IGN Map Valuevalue used from ignition mapdegrees BTDC
ECT TrimIgnition trim due to engine coolant tempdegrees BTDC
IAT TrimIgnition trim due to intake air tempdegrees BTDC
TPS TrimIgnition trim due to throttle positiondegrees BTDC
Idle TrimIgnition trim due to idle feedbackdegrees BTDC
Knock TrimIgnition trim due to knock feedbackdegrees BTDC
Nitrous TrimIgnition trim due to nitrous outputdegrees BTDC
Final IGNFinal Ignition value useddegrees BTDC
Coil DwellCoil dwell timedegrees BTDC
Knock CountTotal knock count -
Knock VoltageTotal knock voltagevolts


Item Description Unit
IGN ONIgnition switch is ON -
Cranking ModeCranking mode is enabled -
Fuel CutFuel Cut enabled -
NB LEAN AFRNarrowband O2 lean switch -
Idle TimingECU is using the idle timing table -
Throttle ClosedECU registered throttle is closed -
NeutralTransmission is in neutral -
AC SwitchAir Conditioning input is enabled -
PSP SwitchPower Steering Pressure input is enabled -
Amb Temp SwitchAmbient Temperatue input is enabled -
Rear DefoggerRear Defogger input is enabled -
4th Gear4th Gear input is enabled -
5th Gear5th Gear input is enabled -
Auto Input1Automatic Transmission input1 is enabled -
Auto Input2Automatic Transmission input2 is enabled -


Item Description Unit
Fuel PumpFuel Pump is ON -
EGRExhaust Gas Re-circulation output is enabled -
AIVAir Idle Valve output is enabled -
A/CAir Conditioning output is enabled -
SVCSwirl Valve Control output is enabled -
High EGTHigh EGT light output is enabled -
WG SolWastegate solenoid output is enabled -
MILMalfunction Indicator Lamp output is enabled -
Rad Cond FanRadiator Condensor Fan output is enabled -

Special Functions

Item Description Unit
Knock ActiveECU is using Knock fuel and ign trims -
Nitrous ActiveNitrous output is enabled and using nitrous trims -
Anti Lag ActiveAnti Lag launch is active -
Clutch EngagedClutch switch is active -
Fuel Cut PIOProgrammable fuel cut is active -
Hi BoostECU is using Hi Boost duty tables -
Overboostoverboost condition is active -
Alt MapsECU is using alternate fuel and timing maps -
Alt InjECU is using alternate injector size -
Set2 MapsECU is using Set 2 fuel and timing maps -

Sensor Voltages

Item Description Unit
TPS VoltageThrottle Position Sensor voltagevolts
MAF VoltageMAF sensor voltagevolts
MAP VoltageMAP sensor voltagevolts
O2 VoltageO2 sensor voltagevolts
ADC1ADC input 1 voltagevolts
ADC2ADC input 2 voltagevolts
ADC3ADC input 3 voltagevolts
ADC4ADC input 4 voltagevolts
Direct WidebandDirect Wideband Air Fuel Ratioafr

Flex Fuel

Item Description Unit
Flex VoltageFlex fuel sensor voltage inputvolts
Flex FUEL TrimFuel trim due to flex fuel sensor input%
Flex IGN TrimIgnition trim due to flex fuel sensor inputdegrees BTDC
Flex Boost TrimBoost duty trim due to flex fuel sensor input%

Accel Trims

Item Description Unit
dTPS TrimAcceleration enrichment due to change in throttle position%
async AccelAcceleration enrichment due to async modemsec
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