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Log Analyzer

The Log Analyzer window is the main window for log review.

You can add multiple graphs to the layout and click and drag through the graph to update your review data for map tracing, data window and gauges.

It also supports zooming in on sections of the graph to increase the resolution in the area you would like to review. You can then un-zoom to restore the graph to it's original state.


Add Graph

  • Right click on the Log Analyzer window and select Add New Graph.

Remove Graph

  • Right click → Remove Graph will remove the selected graph from the layout.

Define Graph Template

  • Right click → Define Graph Template will open the Graph Template window.



  • To select the section of the graph you would like to zoom in on, hold Shift and Click-Drag across the section you wish to zoom in on.


  • Then hold Shift and press the + key to zoom in.


  • To un-zoom back to the original graph hold Shift and press the - key.


  • To Save a layout, right click → Save Layout (This saves your current log analyzer window layout to a NGRL file)
  • To Load a layout, right click → Load Layout and select the template you wish to load.
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