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MAP Sensor Installation

The MAP sensor is the heart of the Speed Density conversion and is relatively simple to install on a Nissan engine. It is important to select the appropriate MAP sensor that will accommodate the amount of boost pressure you are planning to run.

Here is a list of the more common MAP sensors and their pressure limits:

The MAP sensor should be installed on an available vacuum source on the intake manifold. The vacuum hose from the intake manifold to the MAP sensor should be as short as reasonably possible and preferably less than 12.

The AEM map sensors have threaded ends on them and can be installed directly into the intake manifold after it has been drilled/tapped to accept the sensor.


A MAP sensor has 3 wires (GROUND, +5v source, and Signal).

The best method of wiring the MAP sensor is to use the ADC box; this will generally produce the best results

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