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Getting Started

When you receive your NEMU, inspect the contents of the package to make sure there is a USB cable and ADC box with RJ45 cable included in your package. If there is anything missing, please let us know.

Before plugging your NEMU into your laptop, please download and install the latest FTDI drivers.

FTDI NEMU Drivers - Please Install FIRST!!

Now that you have the drivers for the NEMU installed you will want to install NismoTronic to your tuning laptop!

NismoTronicSA - Software Download

Right Click and extract the downloaded zip file to either your desktop or my documents folder.

DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR PROGRAMS FOLDER, this can cause unwanted results on some Windows 7 machines.

    Software Activation
  1. Plug in NEMU
  2. Run NismoTronicSA application with active internet connection!!
  3. When prompted to update select "OK" or "UPDATE"
  4. Demo version will download the most recent stable release versoin
  5. The application will then prompt you to restart, just hit "OK"
  6. Leave your NEMU plugged in while the release version is launched
  7. After a few seconds you will see a "SOFTWARE ACTIVATED" prompt, if you see this you are activated and ready to start tuning!