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Boost Solenoid Installation

This document explains how to install a 3-port boost control solenoid for use with your NismoTronicSA ECU.
See EBC (Electronic Boost Control) SETUP for information on programming the boost control solenoid operation.

This document is broken into two sections; External WG Setup and Internal WG Setup.

External WG Setup

Port 1 - Boost source from the intake manifold OR turbo is Td into the BOTTOM port of the WG

Port 2 - Connect Directly to the TOP port of the WG


Internal WG Setup


Port 2 - Directly to Internal WG nipple

Port 3 - Boost Source from intake manifold or turbo

Boost Solenoid Wiring

Wiring the boost solenoid is very straightforward. There are two wires coming from the solenoid; 1 goes to a switched 12v power source, and the other goes to a PWM output from the ECU (which varies depending on which ECU you are using).

If you are using an SR20DE, KA24DE or RWD SR20DET ECU; then connect the PWM output wire to the stock AIV output on pin 102.

If you are using a FWD SR20DET ECU (GTiR); then connect the PWM output wire to the stock WG solenoid output on pin 111.

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