J-K-Tuning is here to offer you top-notch ECU and Tuning services for your Honda/Acura/Nissan platform. Our services range from custom ECU reprogramming and diagnostics to complete dyno tuning sessions using one of the two in-house chassis dynos; (DynaPack Evolution 3000 2WD chassis dynamometer and the newly acquired Mustang 150-AWD dyno)

The DynaPack Evolution dyno is considered by many of the world's top tuners, auto manufacturers, and enthusiasts to be THE ultimate tool to completely and effectively tune today's performance vehicles.

The Mustang 150-AWD dyno is a very versatile machine and allows us to test many different platforms, including cars with finicky traction control systems. The 150-AWD unit links the drive wheels together to maintain the same wheel speed between the front and back wheels.

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